Buy Tobacco North Tampa
June 16, 2017 thecastlesmokeshop

Buy Tobacco North Tampa

Family owned and operated a full line smoke shop, specializing in variety and Florida blown custom glass and accessories.

We carry an extensive collection of imported, hand-rolled, premium cigars. We offer a full line of smoking accessories, such as tobacco products, ashtrays, cutters, and even hookah. We also carry e-cigarettes and a wide variety of flavored filters.

Are you looking for something in particular? Why not drop us a line, or give us a call to see if we carry it.  If we don’t – we can get it in for you.

Phone: 813-270-3247

Email: [email protected]

If you have any questions, or would like to leave us some feedback please contact us today.


Some of our Products


Bongs are traditionally used to smoke cannabis. They come in different sizes, shapes and are made from different materials. Glass bongs are the most popular as they are very durable, they have varying designs and have various accessories. Plastic bongs are the cheapest but aren’t the easiest to maintain and aren’t very durable. There are also ceramic and bamboo bongs that aren’t as popular but are still widely sought after. Users choose bongs based on the hits they give, cost, durability and functionality. Buy Tobacco North Tampa

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are small, thin sheets of paper that are used to roll tobacco, cannabis or other dry herbs for smoking. Rolling papers are made of a variety of materials and come in different sizes. There are also flavored rolling papers like blueberry, chocolate and so on. They mostly use wood pulp, hemp, flax or rice straw as the base materials. Wood pulp and hemp are the most common with wood pulp based rolling papers being the cheapest. There are longer rolling papers that are typically used to roll cannabis.


Pipes are used to smoke the tobacco, cannabis or other dry herbs directly. They don’t contain water chambers and thus are harsher but they give clean hits. There are different kinds of pipes like tobacco pipes, chillums, bowl, Chibouk and so on. The most common one is the tobacco pipe which can be used to also smoke other dry herbs. They are made from different materials briar, heather, corn, meerschaum, clay, glass, porcelain, acrylic and many other materials.


Bubblers are smaller versions of bongs that are meant for portable use. They contain a small water chamber and give smoother hits compared to pipes as the water cools the smoke down. They come in all kinds of crazy shapes and are made from different materials with glass and clay being the most popular. Unlike bongs they do not have a removable bowl, instead you let go of a small hole in the side to inhale the smoke.


E-cigarettes are commonly used by people who want to quit smoking. Instead of inhaling smoke, users inhale aerosol or vapors that have e-liquids that contain water, nicotine, glycerin. Propylene glycol and flavorings. E-cigarettes are usually activated when the user takes a puff or by pressing a button. The health effects of e-cigarettes are unknown and there is very little evidence to suggest that it is better than smoking normal cigarettes. E-cigarettes are usually shaped like normal cigarettes but they also come in a variety of sizes. Buy Tobacco North Tampa


Hookahs are long instruments, usually made of glass that are used to smoke flavored tobacco usually called shisha. The smoke passes through a water basin so the smoke isn’t too harsh to inhale. Hookahs were invented centuries ago by the Persians and are still a common social activity in the middle east and Arab culture. Although the pipes used to be made of leather or wire before, now they’re usually made of silicone rubber. Newer materials make the hookah more durable and make cleaning easier. They come in a variety of sizes and can also be used to smoke other dry herbs like cannabis. Buy Tobacco North Tampa

Dab Rigs

Unlike a bong, pipe and other smoking mechanisms, a dab rig consists of a nail that gets heated with a torch. Concentrated extracts from various herbs are dabbed into it to produce a vapor that is then inhaled. Dab rigs have grown in popularity as they give the same high as bongs and pipes. Dab rigs have 2 kinds of nails, domed and undomed, domed nails are safer and hold more vapor in. Dab rigs are typically made of glass and come in various sizes and styles. They come with a variety of accessories to enhance the experience. They are safe, portable and stylish. Buy Tobacco North Tampa

Weighing Scales

A weighing scale is used to measure cannabis or dry herbs before rolling, smoking or vaping. There are basic scales that are cheap but more expensive ones that have digital controls, are slimmer and come in various forms like CD cases, phones, cans and so on so that they can be hidden easily.


Grinders as the name suggests are used to grind dry herbs before inhalation through various methods. They are usually made of steel and have 2 parts, one of these parts has small protruding pegs while the other acts like a cap. The dry herbs are ground by turning the cap against the cap. There have been a variety of new grinders in the market that come in different shapes and sizes. Buy Tobacco North Tampa

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